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Krav Maga
Self Defense for the Real World

Krav Maga, the official fighting system adopted by the Israeli Defense Forces, is based on handling real-world threats with proven techniques that can be learned quickly by anyone at any skill level. Krav Maga is also a full-body workout that will push you to your limits and beyond.


Krav Maga creator Imi Lichtenfield designed the system to be absorbed quickly by people in harm’s way and in need of good street self-defense without being held back by the rules of sport fighting. In addition to teaching violence, Krav Maga also focuses on de-escalation and avoiding the fight before it happens.


Our goal is to be at peace with everyone around us, but to be ready to use violence if required to defend ourselves or our loved ones.

Tested. Proven. Always Earned. Never Given.
Krav Maga is a belted system, though we don't wear our belts in class. Every student starts as a white belt working on Level 1 - Yellow Belt Curriculum. Upon successfully passing your first test you'll earn your yellow belt and move up the ranks. The average student will be eligible to test after 4-6 months of training 2-3 times per week. 


Level 1 - Yellow Belt

Learn the basics of self-defense: fight stance, strikes, and common self-defenses.

Test Eligibility:

Min. 4-6 months training

Level 2 - Orange Belt


Build on your Level 1 foundation adding the basics of ground work, more advanced strikes, and more technical defenses.

Test Eligibility:

Min. 4-6 months @ level 2


Level 3 - Green Belt

Level 3 adds even more ground work, higher degree of difficulty defenses, and introduces sparring.

Test Eligibility:

Min. 6-9 months @ level 3


Level 4 - Blue Belt

Continue to hone your Beginner and Intermediate skills while continuing to spar standup and ground fighting. Level 4 introduces weapons defenses for firearms and sticks.

Test Eligibility:

Min. 9-12 months @ Level 4


Level 5 - Brown Belt

Master everything you've learned so far. Learn knife defenses.

Test Eligibility:

Min. 12 months @ Level 5


Level 6 - Black Belt

Years of hard work have gotten you this far. Black Belt is all about complete mastery of the system. 

Test Eligibility:

Min. 12 months @ Level 6

Fight Requirement

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