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Because You Are Worth Fighting For

Ready to learn how?

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Krav Maga: Self-Defense for everyone

Our Krav Maga program is designed for everyone and lead by Franklin's only Krav Maga Alliance certified Black Belt Instructor.

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Women's Self Defense

Our Women's Self-Defense program is for women and by women. We use rotating curriculum designed to address common real-life scenarios that women often face. 

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Other Services

Corporate Events & Seminars

We can supply your Corporate Events needs with seminars in our facility or on your own site.

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Private Lessons

Have goals you want to reach for on your own? We offer private lessons!



Safe Training


Test your limits

Our satisfied clients:

Overall, A Great Place to Be

“Fortis Self-Defense is a fantastic all around place to train. I love the fact that they offer self defense classes, AND conditioning and strength classes, as conditioning and strength are such integral parts of self defense. Also, Jodi and Allen are awesome instructors. They are both very knowledgeable, great teachers, motivating and passionate about what they do. They push you to be your best, without being pushy. They make you feel welcomed. Other members motivate you and make you feel welcomed. Overall it’s a great place to be!”

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